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Enhancing User Experience and Lead Generation for 60 Minute Cash Offer Website

The Problem

60 Minute Cash Offer, a real estate company, recognized the need for an effective website that could provide a seamless experience for homeowners seeking a quick cash offer for their property. They approached Right Customer, a digital agency, with the goal of creating a user-friendly website that would appeal to their target demographic and address their pain points related to offer clarity and speed of closing.

The Solution

Right Customer collaborated closely with 60 Minute Cash Offer to understand their objectives and target audience. They then devised a solution that focused on enhancing the user experience and optimizing lead generation through the following steps:

  1. Understanding the Target Demographic: Right Customer conducted thorough market research and gained insights into the pain points and preferences of 60 Minute Cash Offer's target demographic. They discovered that clarity of the offer and speed to close were critical factors for homeowners seeking a cash offer.
  2. Designing an Inviting Website: Leveraging the insights from the target demographic research, Right Customer designed a visually appealing and inviting website. The design elements, such as color schemes, imagery, and typography, were carefully chosen to resonate with the target audience and create a positive first impression.
  3. Simplified Two-Step Form Call-to-Action: To address the pain points of offer clarity and speed to close, Right Customer implemented a two-step form call-to-action on the website. The first step required visitors to provide their address, allowing 60 Minute Cash Offer to assess the property quickly. Upon submission, visitors were redirected to a contact form where they could provide additional information. This streamlined process reduced friction and increased the chances of lead conversion.
  4. Clarity of the Offer: Right Customer ensured that the website prominently displayed the key benefits and value proposition of 60 Minute Cash Offer. They incorporated clear and concise messaging to explain the cash offer process, emphasizing the speed and convenience it provided to homeowners.
  5. User-Friendly Navigation and Content Organization: Right Customer focused on creating an intuitive navigation structure and organizing the content in a user-friendly manner. This allowed visitors to easily find the information they needed and understand the next steps in the cash offer process.

The Result

The website built by Right Customer for 60 Minute Cash Offer achieved significant improvements in user experience and lead generation, addressing the pain points of the target demographic and aligning with the client's objectives.

  1. Enhanced User Experience: The inviting design, simplified two-step form call-to-action, and user-friendly navigation resulted in a seamless and intuitive user experience. Visitors were able to quickly understand the cash offer process and take the necessary steps to initiate a transaction.
  2. Increased Lead Generation: The optimized lead generation process, facilitated by the two-step form call-to-action, led to an increase in qualified leads. By collecting the property address upfront, 60 Minute Cash Offer was able to expedite the assessment process and provide a cash offer within the promised 60-minute timeframe.
  3. Improved Clarity of the Offer: The website effectively communicated the value proposition of 60 Minute Cash Offer, addressing the pain points of homeowners seeking quick cash offers. The clarity of the offer and the emphasis on speed to close resonated with the target audience, instilling confidence and trust in the company's services.
  4. Positive Customer Feedback: Homeowners who visited the website provided positive feedback, praising the inviting design and the clarity of the cash offer process. This positive reputation increased the credibility of 60 Minute Cash Offer and improved customer trust in their services.


Right Customer successfully designed and developed an inviting website for 60 Minute Cash Offer, addressing the pain points of their target demographic. The user-friendly interface, simplified lead generation process, and clarity of the cash offer significantly improved the user experience and increased lead conversion. The website