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Engaging Design and Information Delivery for Hamza Invests' Flex Space Connect Event Website

The Problem

Hamza Invests, a real estate investment company, approached Right Customer to create a website for their inaugural event in Austin, called Flex Space Connect. The goal of the website was to attract real estate investors interested in Flex Space assets and provide them with key event information.

The Solution

Right Customer collaborated closely with Hamza Invests to understand their requirements and objectives. They developed a solution that focused on creating an engaging design and delivering event information in a way that would captivate visitors and encourage them to explore further. The following steps were taken:

  1. Understanding the Client's Vision: Right Customer gathered detailed information from Hamza Invests about their desired website. They understood the client's preference for a visually appealing design that would capture the attention of visitors, while also ensuring that the website was developed in a way that would entice users to keep scrolling and discover more about the event.
  2. Engaging Design: Leveraging the client's vision, Right Customer created a visually striking website design that "pops." They carefully selected color schemes, typography, and imagery that aligned with the event's theme and target audience. The design elements were intended to create an immediate impact and generate interest among potential attendees.
  3. Encouraging Scrolling: To promote visitor engagement and encourage users to explore the website further, Right Customer implemented various strategies. They strategically placed key event information, such as ticket prices, event details, and the event schedule, throughout the website, ensuring that visitors would encounter enticing content as they scrolled down the page.
  4. Clear and Concise Event Information: Right Customer ensured that the website provided clear and concise event information, making it easy for potential attendees to understand the value and relevance of the Flex Space Connect event. They emphasized the benefits of attending, such as networking opportunities, educational sessions, and access to industry experts.
  5. User-Friendly Navigation: Right Customer focused on creating a user-friendly navigation structure, making it intuitive for visitors to find the information they needed. They ensured that key sections, such as ticket purchasing, event details, and the event schedule, were easily accessible from the main navigation menu.

The Result

The website developed by Right Customer for Hamza Invests' Flex Space Connect event successfully achieved the client's objectives of creating an engaging design and delivering event information in a captivating manner.

  1. Increased Visitor Engagement: The visually striking design and the strategic placement of key event information encouraged visitors to explore the website further. Users were enticed to keep scrolling, uncovering valuable content and details about the event
  2. Improved Information Delivery: The clear and concise event information provided on the website allowed potential attendees to quickly grasp the value and benefits of the Flex Space Connect event. Visitors could easily find the details they needed, such as ticket prices, event information, and the event schedule.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: The user-friendly navigation structure ensured that visitors could navigate the website effortlessly, finding the information they sought without frustration. This improved user experience increased the likelihood of potential attendees taking the desired actions, such as purchasing tickets or registering for the event.
  4. Positive Reception: Hamza Invests received positive feedback from prospective attendees regarding the website's design and the ease with which they could find event information. The engaging design and intuitive information delivery contributed to a positive perception of the event and increased interest from the target audience.


Right Customer successfully developed an engaging website for Hamza Invests' Flex Space Connect event. The visually striking design and strategic placement of event information encouraged visitor engagement, while the clear and concise delivery of event details improved the user experience. The website effectively communicated the value of the event, increasing interest and generating positive feedback from potential attendees.